TTBF What is 4K mode on a FTDX10? FT8 ESSB

FTdx10 'ttbf' mode enable

1. Make sure power is off.
2. Find the DNR+ MODE
3. Push and hold DNR+ MODE buttons in while powering the radio via the "ON/OFF" switch.
4.see that "TTBF" has replaced 50-3050 
5.If you wish to go back to 50-3050 just do steps 1to 4.

TTBF = Total Transmitted Bandwidth Frequency

4k of transmitted bandwidth on SSB.....actually......50-4000 khz to be exact. TTBF = Total Transmitted Bandwidth Frequency. It takes the place of 50-3050. You can toggle back and forth between those two choices....TTBF or 50-3050, but you can't have both in the TX BW menu at the same time (unfortunately). Same way with all of the Yaesu radios that do TTBF. You have to toggle the radio on and off holding the DNR and MODE buttons to go back and forth between TTBF and 50-3050 choices.

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is ttbf 4k mode and where is it documented?

why would you use this feature TTBF ?

This is another of the many modes of the hobby that may not be for you or you may have no interest in it................but I'll answer for those that want to know.

First, a caveat/disclaimer : I am NOT a member of the ESSB "crowd". Do I enjoy listening to the FANTASTIC audio that many in that crowd have? Of course. As an Electrical Engineer with over 45 years of experience I can always appreciate technology "on display". I do on occasion....when I hear some of the ESSB crowd on the air....say like on 7.208 Mhz late in the evening...if I join in, sometimesI set my FTDX 101D to TTBF just because I can (the FTDX 10 is relegated to the camper, I only use it when camping). And of course, I'd never do that on a CROWDED band.............

So, why would you use this feature? Just like so many other facets of this great hobby, ESSB is a part of the hobby some enjoy. They enjoy setting up their audio to have superb quality....and those of who open up our receive and have quality radios and THE EARS/HEARING to hear it ....and quality speakers (I'm running an active Edifier monitor speaker feeding a passive Edifier speaker with EQ and a Yaesu SP2000 with a DX Engineering kit that includes the replacement speaker and the foam fill/insert). ....can clearly hear the difference. It sounds FANTASTIC. Why do it? Because they can.

Of course you hear the same old arguments over and over. Should you do it on a CROWDED band? OF COURSE NOT. But go listen to 80 meters late at night. I hear some of them on there after 10 PM. They're the ONLY signal i see on my bandscope for almost 100 khz! No issues there with interfering with anyone. Can someone configure their audio so it sounds bad? Of course. But those of us who aren't "technically challenged" have no issue with getting the settings perfect or near perfect. And again....why do it? Because they can. And, someone running 300-2700 but with their amplifier over driving, can take up FAR, FAR more bandwidth (no doubt you've seen some of those.....almost 10-12 khz wide from splatter?). Over driven and splattering signals from rigs improperly adjusted running high power are FAR MORE problematic on the bands, than someone running a clean 4k ESSB signal. That's just a simple Engineering observation. Which is why YOU should keep your AMC set to a level....on this specific radio that is one of the few "on earth" that has an AMC setting (the FTDX10 and the FTDX 101 are it) a level that doesn't cause this particular radio to have products and splatter. Yaesus recommends AMC around 55.....give or take the mic you are using. AMC levels above 70 are proven to cause issues with splatter. Go to the 101 Forums to read about the issue "ad nauseum". But AMC and splatter is another topic for another I digress............

My favorite response to why do it? Is...................why do it indeed. Why do FT8? I have ZERO interest in that mode. To me, it's not even ham radio. It's two computers exchanging a signal report. That's not Ham radio. But some like it, so .....far be it for me to ask them why they do it. You'll NEVER see me do it. And so many other parts of the hobby. I don't do Satellite. I have just about zero use for VHF/UHF (bought a 991A thinking maybe it would encourage me to get on VHF/UHF.....I did once or twice right after buying it a few years ago....and then....never again. It sits in the shack as a backup radio now).

Again, the point is.....many do like FT8. If they do, good for them....let em' work it. Many like Satellite.....slow scan TV, packet, RTTY, and the list goes on and on. Let them do what they want to do. Me, I'm a big CW guy. I was deeply disappointed when the FCC did away with CW as a requirement for licensing. But again, it is ....what it is.

So, ESSB. You know what it is and can do now. If it's something that interests you.....try it. If not, like FT8.......let someone else have at it and do what you like. I'm pretty much SSB and CW. To me, there are no other modes. But my tastes don't dictate what others can or will do. And it's that what makes the hobby so great!

Since we brought this subject's another thought that's food for thought. Most Hams probably can't hear the difference. Why? Not because it's not there. And often, not because their equipment isn't capable. It's because most Hams....the average older (I'm 66, for the record). Many of those older Hams, have some form of hearing loss. So even if someone's audio sounded great....or HORRIBLE, they couldn't tell! They just can't hear it. You "hear" it on the air all the time (see what I did there......). You hear someone with TERRIBLE audio. It sounds pitiful. They're in QSO with another Ham. I keep thinking "when will this guy tell the other guy, his audio is TERRIBLE?". And then ....the "opening" comes....the guy with bad audio says "hey, how's my audio by the way?". I'm thinking to it comes, the other guy HAS to tell him that's he's asked....."how's my audio". He HAS to tell him, it's terrible. The reply 90% of the time? "You're audio is fine". SAY WHAT? But again, think about it. Many....can't hear it's bad. Some others, just don't want to offend they think....I'll say it's "fine".

If you're looking for a hobby with a bunch of folks with good discerning hearing, this probably isn't it. And I say that with another caveat.....I have some hearing I speak from experience....though so far, thankfully, my hearing loss is minor.

So ....ESSB.....take it....or leave it. It's another part of a great hobby. But if you have the ear and the equipment to hear it.....boy, does it sound good. I ALWAYS run 50-3050 for my day to day comm. I bust DX pileups left and right. There's no need for me.....with my quality "pinch down" my audio to something like 300-2700. For those who want to, fine for them. Do they sound "pinched" down to me? Yea, but it's still good communication grade of course, nothing wrong with it. After all, communication is indeed the number one aspect of the hobby. So communication grade audio will always be of course acceptable. That's what the earlier gear was set for and it worked fine for decades. But it is nice....if you have the equipment with the be able to sound far better. I ragchew with folks on 80 late at night with two different groups. The ones with GOOD audio.....good settings ......a good mic, stand out and sound great. The ones with "ok" audio, compared.....sound kind of harsh. Still understandable. Just not as pleasant to hear when ragchewing. Would I run ESSB sometime in a late night ragchew? Yep. probably so. Would I run ESSB in a DX pileup? Nope, definitely not.

But again, to each their own................take it or leave it. I'll leave's NOT part of the hobby to me. If ESSB isn't for you, leave it for those it is.............

I think I've now answered the question and then some..........

§97.307 Emission standards.

(a) No amateur station transmission shall occupy more bandwidth than necessary for the information rate and emission type being transmitted, in accordance with good amateur practice.

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