Overview of the KrakenRF RF Locator

How The KrakenSDR Located Our Repeater Jammer In 1 Hour distance of 100 KM

Overview of the KrakenRF RF Locator 
In this video I read the story of how we caught the jammer that had been jamming our GMRS repeater for months, and how by using the Kraken SDR Radio Direction Finder (RF locator), we were at his house in 1 hour. The KrakenSDR can track a signal being transmitted from 100Mhz to 1Ghz - so I can track ham repeater jammers, GMRS repeater jammers, ham-radio transmitters, GMRS radios - pretty much any transmitter with a signal strong enough for you to receive. KrakenRF did not send me this KrakenSDR - it was purchased at full price, and I have received nothing in return from Kraken for making this video.



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VE3WZW own 2022 own KRAKENSDR

Many separate discussions exist about the abuser and a babbling loud mouth on the repeaters in our city of Toronto.

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