Overview of the KrakenRF RF Locator

How The KrakenSDR Located Our Repeater Jammer In 1 Hour distance of 100 KM

Overview of the KrakenRF RF Locator 
In this video I read the story of how we caught the jammer that had been jamming our GMRS repeater for months, and how by using the Kraken SDR Radio Direction Finder (RF locator), we were at his house in 1 hour. The KrakenSDR can track a signal being transmitted from 100Mhz to 1Ghz - so I can track ham repeater jammers, GMRS repeater jammers, ham-radio transmitters, GMRS radios - pretty much any transmitter with a signal strong enough for you to receive. KrakenRF did not send me this KrakenSDR - it was purchased at full price, and I have received nothing in return from Kraken for making this video.



TTBF What is 4K mode on a FTDX10? FT8 ESSB

FTdx10 'ttbf' mode enable

1. Make sure power is off.
2. Find the DNR+ MODE
3. Push and hold DNR+ MODE buttons in while powering the radio via the "ON/OFF" switch.
4.see that "TTBF" has replaced 50-3050 
5.If you wish to go back to 50-3050 just do steps 1to 4.

TTBF = Total Transmitted Bandwidth Frequency

4k of transmitted bandwidth on SSB.....actually......50-4000 khz to be exact. TTBF = Total Transmitted Bandwidth Frequency. It takes the place of 50-3050. You can toggle back and forth between those two choices....TTBF or 50-3050, but you can't have both in the TX BW menu at the same time (unfortunately). Same way with all of the Yaesu radios that do TTBF. You have to toggle the radio on and off holding the DNR and MODE buttons to go back and forth between TTBF and 50-3050 choices.

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is ttbf 4k mode and where is it documented?

why would you use this feature TTBF ?

This is another of the many modes of the hobby that may not be for you or you may have no interest in it................but I'll answer for those that want to know.

First, a caveat/disclaimer : I am NOT a member of the ESSB "crowd". Do I enjoy listening to the FANTASTIC audio that many in that crowd have? Of course. As an Electrical Engineer with over 45 years of experience I can always appreciate technology "on display". I do on occasion....when I hear some of the ESSB crowd on the air....say like on 7.208 Mhz late in the evening...if I join in, sometimesI set my FTDX 101D to TTBF just because I can (the FTDX 10 is relegated to the camper, I only use it when camping). And of course, I'd never do that on a CROWDED band.............

So, why would you use this feature? Just like so many other facets of this great hobby, ESSB is a part of the hobby some enjoy. They enjoy setting up their audio to have superb quality....and those of who open up our receive and have quality radios and THE EARS/HEARING to hear it ....and quality speakers (I'm running an active Edifier monitor speaker feeding a passive Edifier speaker with EQ and a Yaesu SP2000 with a DX Engineering kit that includes the replacement speaker and the foam fill/insert). ....can clearly hear the difference. It sounds FANTASTIC. Why do it? Because they can.

Amateur Radio Operator w/Government Canada MTO website Vehicle License Plate Online

Amateur Radio Operator w/Government Canada MTO website Vehicle License Plate Online

Currently not available Online  -  OCTOBER 02 2022  —  Province of Ontario 

I would like to order my AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR “CALL SIGN”  car plate  —  VE3WZW —  With the government from MTO website online.

see Government website.



investigate and make this available ONLINE.


All the antennas and can operate anywhere

When you have all the antennas and can operate anywhere. #HamRadio

An introduction to Amateur Radio

An introduction to Amateur Radio and the many possibilities it offers for learning, safety and security, and helping others throughout our world. Join us for this journey that takes us through a brief history of communications technology and then into the many exciting opportunities that the world of ham radio has to offer today.

How do I get an amateur radio license? 
How To Get Your Canadian Ham License
Short Link here :    bit.ly/hamstart

Electric Toys Trains

Electric Toys Trains - GmbH or Märklin is a German toy company.

Founded: Jan. 1, 1859

Headquarters: Göppingen, Germany

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VHF Propagation Map Eastern North America

VHF Propagation Map Eastern North America - MennoLink

VHF Propagation Map This map shows real-time radio propagation from stations operated near 144 MHz. It uses data gathered by Automatic Packet Reporting

Yaesu DR-2 Repeater HRI200 next or Allstarlink

Yaesu DR-2 Repeater.  HRI200 next or Allstarlink 

communicating C4FM and loving it. 



KiwiSDR’s TDoA or Time Difference of Arrival is a method

 How to use TDoA on the Kiwi SDR

KiwiSDR’s TDoA or Time Difference of Arrival is a method

KiwiSDR’s TDoA or Time Difference of Arrival is a method

AREDN Toronto Canada




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Motivation for success & Gym

Motivation for success & Gym

A very powerful video
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LMR-600 antenna cable has a N-Type male to N-Type female

LMR-600 antenna cable has a N-Type male on one end and a N-Type female on the other

This LMR-600 antenna cable has a N-Type male on one end and a N-Type female on the other. It is typically used to connect RFID/GPS wireless infrastructures, such as wi-fi antennas, routers and access points.
Constructed of premium LMR-600 Low-Loss 50 ohm RF outdoor coaxial cable
Adhesive heat shrink added on either end for a weather tight seal
Heavy duty connectors allow for optimum durability and connectivity

Physical Characteristics
Length75 foot
Cable TypeLMR-600
Connector A
N-Type Male
Connector B
N-Type Female
Packaging Information
Package Quantity1
Product Weight1.3 lbs [0.5 kg]
Included in Package1 Cable

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills are an important tool, especially when it comes to personal beliefs and academics. When applied, critical thinking is a powerful defense against ideas and opinions that are potentially harmful or blatantly wrong. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this ability, although it can be taught. Understanding what suppresses critical thinking is an important step to obtaining a more open mind.

Indoctrination is a major roadblock to critical thinking. When an individual is surrounded and constantly fed a one-sided view on things like personal beliefs or politics, it stifles critical thinking. Children and students are especially vulnerable to this, so critical thinking must always be encouraged. According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, teaching students to be skeptical will "help them see through the distortions of propaganda, and enable them to assess judiciously the persuasiveness of powerful emotional appeals."

Lack of Intelligence
An article by the University of Phoenix, entitled "Can Critical Thinking be Taught in the Classroom?" asserts that a critical thinker "would need a level of intellectual and cognitive ability." The article implies that some people are more adept than others when it comes to being skeptical and analytical. This is understandable, because people who lack intelligence will find it much easier to simply accept certain ideas at face-value than take the time and effort to research them. According to the Media Awareness Network, "Critical thinking is about how to think, not what to think" and requires "curiosity, open-mindedness, skepticism, and persistence.' In other words, you cannot think critically if you are ignorant of its process. Critical thinking is not about assuming that everything you hear, read or see is potentially wrong. It is about taking any information provided and analyzing it using the critical thinking process. Without this understand, critical thinking skills will be nonexistent.